Our Story, Our Mission.

Started in the Spring of 2020, BillFiti is a innovative and unique platform that showcases the best and most unique collectibles, customs, art and culture pieces on the market.  We work with professional and renowned artist to design and manufacture that products that you have come to know and love.  

Maciah Thomas, the owner and founder of BillFiti, is a lifelong athlete, with aspirations to make it to the MLB.  Even at a "hang up the towel" age of 23, he still plans to make a run for the league.  "BillFiti is a way for me to make a brand that will support me through my baseball endeavors.  I plan to grow this business as I play baseball, in order to have an empire by the time I retire.  Thinking ahead is the way to beat the system..."  


To instill a new platform into the lives of our society.  To bring memories, thoughts, and ideas to fruition in a tangible and impactful way.  To provide opportunity for artists to get discovered and supported.  BillFiti, will present the new standard in our culture for customs, collectibles and art.  We will bring you unique designs and creations to spark the minds of the youth.


I see our products in the rooms of everyone in the world.  Across all classes and tax brackets, we will provide unique designs, products, and gifts to people across the globe.  I see BillFiti designing for multi-billion dollar companies, partnering with them to design and customize their products in unique ways.  We are a design, manufacturing and culture company.

Core Values