The Truck of America

The Truck of America

The Truck Of America

Here and there, across the fading confederacy of America; you will hear distant cries coming from empty bush light cans screaming, “Ford over Chevy. None of that nonsense here folks, please, you can even see it in our design here…

Clearly it states, with it sheer American Muscle design, the weight of blue collar clock ins, and Friday night lights; comes Chevrolet!

The truck that took the family to church in Sunday’s, and brought bubba home from football practice. The truck that brought troops from the airport to their families, the definition of America.


This product depicts a setting that is all too familiar with the American family; a old trusty chevy pickup truck, set aside in the backyard, only to be used when needed.

As many of us have a grandpa or dad with this exact scene, the model chevy is propped up on planks at an angle.  

The front face of the diorama, showcases four sets of replacement tires, for the chevy truck.  The base is made of strong as wood that has been sanded, and primed with tech grey paint.

We chose to give this model that grey coat, because it represents a product in prototype phase, when you are almost finished, and it is time for the world to see your new products!

This custom vintage Chevy truck will be a great addition to your office space, home space, and everyday living space, to bring the memories of America, right to you!

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