New Custom Display Baseball Bats!

New Custom Display Baseball Bats!

New  Customs Coming in June!

Hello Billfiti fans,

Thank you for checking back into our blog! We wanted to give you an update on new products that will be coming to the store. 

We don't not want to spoil the surprise but we will give you a hint...

Two bats coming...

The first theme has to do with baseball.... They are the defending world champions and they call their home ballpark Hollywood!

Any guesses?

The second is a Chicago theme and revolves around the greatest player the basketball world has come to know,

These two new designs will surely shock the market, and will be some of the most unique items on the net!

We also have a sale on our latest product, these custom Baseball bat plant hangers allowed you to hang and show off your favorite plants with the added touch of these unique mounts and displays!

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