New Age of Sports Memorabalia

New Age of Sports Memorabalia

Sports Memorabilia, has been an immovable staple in American Society.  Countless times your dad, pulled out his old football cards, or your uncle showed you his signed Satchel Paige ball.  

The memories we carry and hold from these products and times is immeasurable.  With the world moving into the metaverse, NFTs and digital materials have shown promise in this new day and age. 

However, the eternal past time, of craftsmanship and quality, will never be replaced.  That's why at Bilfiti, we are introducing the new age of Sports Memorabilia.












For the past two years, we have been manufacturing and selling the best new custom sports memorabilia pieces, in the world.  Our Flagship and staple product "Custom Baseball Bats"  have been a huge hit in the community.  Many fans are able to display and cast their heart on their bat, displaying their loves, goals and interests, to be an ever reminder of who they are!

Accomplishments and memories come at all times in life; photos and videos are a great way to hold these times close.  However, captivating and encapsulating the career, drives, ambitions of your life, is far more powerful.  Hold the goals and dreams you have near you, display your successes and accomplishments upon these bats, to remind you everyday of what you have achieved!

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At Billfiti we take all of our orders seriously, and execute on a professional and high level.  At this time we take custom orders for bats.  This is perfect for weddings, gifts, party favors, closing gifts, decor gifts, etc.  

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We will digitally design the bat, and send it back to you for your review!

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