Cedric Mullins - Beating all Odds

Cedric Mullins - Beating all Odds

Labeled Underdog: Meant For Greatness

After making the big club in 2019, Cedric Mullins was under the radar, talent taken for granted and value minimized.  After a great season with the big club, Mullins was sent back down to triple-A with coach Gary Kendall.  Kendall Coached mullins at the Double-A Bowie Baysox, and noticed the young star's lack in confidence.

Many times, Black baseball players in this era are overlooked, or forced to be twice as good to get the recognition they need.  Something that's prevalent across all aspects of American life.

After being drafted, scouts still looked at Mullins as a "project" never giving him much of a longevity in the league, and seeing him as a platoon player, who fills in when needed.

Climb Back

After the unlikely pandemic, sports came back and it seemed like it knocked some sense into the executives at the Baltimore Orioles and the rest of the league.  After a stellar performance this past year, Mullins was named the starting CF for the All Star Game 2021.

A great story of perseverance, and overcoming.  Do not listen to one's that are not in your corner, it is better to persevere and fail, then to listen and give up.  You have what it takes!