What To Do With Your Old Baseball Bats?

What To Do With Your Old Baseball Bats?

Bring Your Old Wooden Bats, Back To Life

If you're a baseball player, you are already too familiar with the notion of going through equipment; especially wood bats.  

When you get to the level where you start competing with wood baseball bats, or practicing with them, you may notice how fast and how expensive new bats can be.  

There's alway the choice of firewood, but if you want to be part of a new and innovative trend that is sweeping baseball, send us your old wooden bats to give it a new life.

Yes, you can send any wooden baseball bat that is in one piece, to our office, and we will customize it to a design of your choice. 

Whether you want a Sports team, movie, Album cover, you name it, send us your wood baseball bat, and your design idea, and we will make it come to life!

After our design is complete, you will receive your baseball bat with a hand painted, one of a kind design that you can use again, or to display, in your home, room or living space!

Quotes are free, and designs start at $299,

Contact us today to bring your bat back to life!