Welcome To BillFiti 2021

Welcome To BillFiti 2021

Welcome To BillFiti

BillFiti is a hub for the best sports, culture, and entertainment products.  We have launched two seasons so far, during our creation in 2020, until now. 

We are a Maryland based, Black Owned company, and strive to reach consumers across the globe!

We cater the best custom baseball bat designs for consumers to purchase and display.  

We work with an array of the top artists in our industry, that will design and pinpoint your bat to your liking.  Whether you're in need of a game bat, costume bat, or just for decoration, we have plenty of designs to choose from, and customize.

All of our bats are hand finished, and handmade ash wood.  We bring the joys of the ball park to our consumers, as well a relatable topics, such as sports teams, games, songs, albums and countless more.

Whatever your design may be, inquire now on our contact page to send us your design and get a free quote and discounted design catered to your liking.

Our goal is to have a personalized, customized and professional grade bat in the walls of restaurants, bars, businesses, hotel rooms, and accommodating paces across the world. 

Any designs or logo can be deigned, and we do not discriminate or judge based on designs. 

Think of us at your bat tattoo shop!