We have LIFT OFF!

We have LIFT OFF!

Guest List - Maciah Thomas (CEO)

In the middle of 2018, after a succesful comeback into the sport of baseball in 2017, Maciah Thomas found himself back in his parents guest room, no money, no plan and no motivation.  After, three years of wasting educational loans at WVU, one succesfull year at Frederick Community College, and one bench riden year in Florida, due to grades, what would the young man do.

It is now mid 2020 and the young ballplayer still is without his craft, baseball.  One may think he has no shot left,  at 23, most MLB stars have already cashed in 3-4 years in the league by that age, most teams are scouting 14-15 year olds and signing them; most would have give up.

Take the time to think, why work for a dream that even those who put in the work to get, will come up short.  Why would a half-ass effort be awarded to me?  It won't... time to tell you how we get back.


The Comeback - Path to the MLB

The best way to make it somewhere you did not work for, is by money.  People with money pass over those with more talent then them.  They have better facilities, better coaches, better oppurtunities; but they'll never have that God given talent and drive to be better when you have no choice.  

As one who was not blessed with privelege, but had all the oppurtunities in the world to make it, I threw every oppurtunity down the drain.  I had the best trainers, best coaches, and best oppurtunities, due to the hard work of my parents.  I had the best talent and still do, but God has shown me that I'll have to fight ten times as hard for my dream, just to arrive late.  But late still has an impact.

BillFiti - Rise To Market 

Through Billfiti, I will make it back to my roots, back to my passion, and back to my calling.  I will make this company and impactful and postive dwelling on the culture of our society, and use my earnings to pave my way back to the league.  I will forge a new platform, for artists, creators and designers to showcase their work, and profit off its sale. Billfiti, will be the first company to offer imagination for sale.  Through us nostalgia is brought to joy, memories are stored forever, and thoughts are made tangible.  The new mafia is here, and it's African Americans running corporations.




For the Culture


-Maciah Thomas CEO