Step Up!

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Step Up!

BillFiti LLC, (Culture, Sports, Art)


Stepping Up to the Plate

In our first few months of operation, we have seen a support that we did not expect, and also some barriers that we did not see coming.  Luckily, for us we are used to both of these dilemmas.  Both can be good if you use them to your advantage. 

We have promoted a soft launch this year, running a few raffles, engaging with new customers, launching our site, and strengthening our social media pages.

We look forward to networking with more amazing companies, in Frederick, the country and around the world.  We are gracious to have worked with Taco Daddy bar and Cantina, The Record Exchange Frederick, MD, to provide incentives for our raffles.  

With this moment we will move forward, and present the best in culture, sports, collectibles and custom designs.

Fall Raffle

This past fall we ran our first event, sale and launch by offering our customers a chance to compete in a raffle to win our Flagship bats: Custom Bats.  We were able to gather over 100 participants for our new brand, and raised capital for our company going forward.  We were able to pay it forward by using our capital to purchase a young entrepreneur a upgrade for his business.  This young man runs and creates his own design brand.  At a young age it was very inspiring to hear his goals and story.  We were able to purchase his company a 5-in-1 heat press, so that his designs are more efficient and easier for him to complete.  Please check out his shop today, and purchase some items. Designs by Desean: On Facebook!

We plan to run many more raffles in the near future and we will promote and inform you all when the time has come to prepare another one!


Local Artist Partnership!

This past month we were able to partner with two local artist from the Frederick, MD area.  Chase Washington a native of Frederick, was able to design and customize two bats that are cartoon themed.  As we are expanding our inventory and designs, it was great to have these two artists, depict their feelings onto these bats.  I am a big fan of cartoon, anime and abstract pieces, it is nice to add this to our collections.  


You can see these artists work on our product Page!


Wrap Up!

Please stay tuned to our growth.  We have a steady and large vision we are currently accomplishing and will keep releasing innovative, products, videos, and culture.  Stay on our page, follow, share and support!  Thank You!

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