Scout Report: Alex Barlas

Scout Report: Alex Barlas

Alex Barlas

Actor - Model - Son - Brother

Alex Barlas, Actor Model

Cross Paths...

I first met Alex in the infamous Morgantown, WV in the spring of 2015.  We both were at a rush event, (in fraternity terms, that is when frats hold interest meetings for new pledges) and the group of us were chatting amongst ourselves.

Overtime through that fraternity and school, Alex and I embarked on a joint mission to create compelling and entertaining content through our talents.  We have worked together in a production in NYC with "Shop GLD", parkour, acting, stunts were all showcased in this productions, as you see below...

The mission was simple and the parties were committed, it is great to swing around and catch up as he is continuing to push his career to the next level in Hollywood.

Alex Barlas Los Angeles

The Interview...

Who are you? Where are you from?

Alex Barals, mixed race/ African-American born and raised in southern West Virginia.  I was adopted at the age of 3, by a pakistani father and a white mother.  Ate curry and rice on the weekdays, and chilli with some casserole on the weekends.

What got you into acting?

I was always a performer growing up.  I would do lip sync, talents shows, then one day I stopped.  Eventually the passion for those things found itself back to me in my later years, and well now i'm here.

Who's your role model?

Riz Ahmed, John David Washington, Adam Driver, Jason Bateman, Steven Yuen, Nicole Kidman, and Regina King.

I think a big reason that this particular group of actors are my role model is because they don't just act.  A lot of them produce write, develop the work they are in.

Alex Barlas, river shot

What's your goal for your career/ how do you want your work to impact the world?

Obviously, I want to be in a bunch of TV shows, movies, etc.  In reality my goals aren't massive.  I'm a big fan of female dominated shows.  Where we are focused on female leads, with supporting female characters.  I want to be the male identifying character that comes in the plot or typically dominates the whole story throughout the piece.  I think it's time for those characters to become more diverse...and diverse could even mean less talking, more silence, it could be the change of direction into characters as taking a lesser role in the story but an impactful one, wider emotional arch.  I think Big Little Lies, Killing Eve, Girls...jump in shows like that and impact the story in unpredictable and non-traditional ways would be incredible and ideal.

The Take Away

I am excited to continue to keep up with Alex's career and the work he is doing out west.  Please see his social media at @alexbarlascdf