Meet the OWNER!

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Meet the OWNER!

Founder - Maciah Thomas

What do we do now?

At the age of 23 I decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.  I always have been a man that likes to do things on his own, run his own show, be his own boss;  but as I became an adult, I realized I was not doing the right things to put myself in that position.  The last three years, I had failed out of college, gotten kicked off my collegiate baseball team, moved back in with my parents, and was punching a clock.  

There's nothing wrong with punching a clock young people, especially if you have a plan to own your own one day.  However, boredom led to trouble and pretty soon I was falling into a cycle of waste.  Smoking going to bed, wake up find something to smoke go to bed.  My life revolved around a marijuana hit and it made my mind not focus on who I was.

I decided to embark on this journey and become an entrepreneur.  I first start my own Non-profit, The Double Up Foundation, which empowers, inspires and develops youth, through sports, hobbies, opportunities, and experiences.  

I then went on to start BillFiti.  It is interesting that I started this company because up until now, I have not been a art fan, or collectibles fanatic, that I knew of.  But the more I researched the industry the more and more I began to love it.  

It seemed so niche and underground, and it seemed like a lot of these pieces were going for a pretty penny.  I began to gather what I loved most,  God, baseball, sports, cars, graffiti, tattoos, women, pretty much the same answer a 13 year old watching fast and furious would give.

I started Billfiti on the backs of customized baseball bats.  I had seen a few companies on instagram making very cool bats, but the only problem with me was that they were traditional, they were quality but they were not different enough.

I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to press my imagination to the paper.  BillFiti is not just art, it's not just customs products, and it is not just baseball bat brand.  It is a matrix of unique minds coming together to create a tangible platform for imagination.   

As we grow, we will release documentaires, travel stories, products, events and curate the best opportunities to increase the reach of imagination.

BillFiti, Create impossible!


-Maciah Thomas