Kobe vs. Jordan (Basketball Immortality)

Kobe vs. Jordan (Basketball Immortality)

The Snake & Bull

Who has showcased the best skills on the court?  Heavy debate, one we will leave up to the audience to decide. 

But however, the debate between Jordan and Kobe off the court, is a simply settled one.  No doubt do both of these men hold high seats in the upper room of the basketball hall of fame, both had considerable and almost astronomical impacts on their time and place during their talent showcase.

Kobe lead the Los Angeles Lakers to multiple championships, spanning across a multi decade career, that translated Los Angeles sports into the forefront on world news.  Kobe led hollywood, pop culture and the direction of the media from the grim beginning of a leather ball.  Mapping across multiple countries growing up, seeing various cultures, he became what he saw, a worldwide trip.

Jordan, a just a well known figure, may be the only person that is bigger than a sport and industry.  When you hear Michael Jordan, you instantly think of the basketball player, not "which Michael Jordan" no the Michael Jordan, is known as Chicago's very own, assassin.  The baller amassed a great career over the city, winning six separate titles, two three peats, and becoming one of the most well known figures of all time, he got his fair share of criticism on and off the court.

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