Heroes Lost to Jealousy - Sha'carri Richardson

Heroes Lost to Jealousy - Sha'carri Richardson

The BlackBall of Sha'Carri Richardson

Speaking athletics into every aspect of our business and life, as the owner and founder, my life has also been entrenched by the majesty of sports.  As I got older and went through certain things in sports, I came to realize the politics, schemes, and con artist practices that we see, especially against black athletes.

Putting this disgruntledness aside in my everyday life, today sparked those same feelings of unfairness, and cult culture that we know as sports. 

No matter how hard you work, how fast you run or how many records your break, as a black athlete, you don't leave this business clean.  That is what happened to young star Sha'Carri Richardson.

Out respect for Richardson, and other athletes going through this same ordeal, I do not want to talk about the timeline or highlights of the story, but at the end of the day, The USATF, and Anti-Doping committee found that Richardson tested positive for marijuana, after her record breaking performance in the trials.  This places Richardson on a 1-month ban and a permanent ban from the 100m heats in Tokyo.


Aside from that, I wanted to highlight the effects of this decision.  No question in my mind states that this was due to jealousy of either another opposing runner, teammate or executive in the higher committees. 

Of course, we have to hold the athlete accountable but as a top athlete, you should not be subjected to unfair biased based on your off field habits.  Let alone a habit that is making you slower by the day. 

Seeing the pure torment on this girls face while she stated her case on the Today show, not only made me tear up but also brought about feelings of anger.  For so many black athletes, people that have been unfairly treated in their work, daily lives and ambitions. 

To take this dream away from a woman simply because of your jealousy is outright cowardly, and will be dealt with.

To the millions of black girls who for once were inspired by a hero on your screen, Do not stop becoming, do not stop growing, keep breaking records, and prove who is the best!


Race on!