Billfiti's - Best Rappers of All Time

Billfiti's - Best Rappers of All Time

Our Favorite Rappers of All Time...

Top five rappers of all time might be the single most debated issue here in modern america.  Outside of Lebron vs. Jordan, the only other rivalry that comes close to this list is maybe pineapple on pizza.

But if you've ever been to a black barber shop, lunch table or cultured area, this topic has come up in many different times of your life.

Best rappers of all time

True Rap: and How Rap is judged...

I grew up the youngest sibling and was born in 1996.  With my eldest sister being born in the 80s, I had a lot of influences early on in my life for both, 80s - 90s era film, music and tv.  I grew up with a lot of MTV, pop, 80s sports stars, tupac/ biggie and everything pre y2k.

My music taste has always been both diverse, ranging from tracie adkins to HOV to EDM to Gospel.  That last word Gospel, faith the foundation of my childhood, our parents set a great example and always encouraged us to stay on the path.  

Rap wasn't outlawed in my house, but it was not something I could play out loud on a tuesday evening at 6:00 pm.  Furthermore, I was a suburb kid, not a punk privileged kid, but to be completely honest, I couldn't relate to rap outside of ambition and struggle until I was an adult and saw more of the world.

However, I see rap an art, a symphony that even the dirtiest gutter lyrics can be an avenue of the spirit simply based on the talent and skill gifted to the artist.  

I'm a beat guy first and a lyrics man second.  In my opinion, it is a producers age and not a lyrics or woke era.

Number 5

Nipsey Hussle:

This may be a controversial topic, not in his skill, as Nipsey is respected more than anyone in the rap game.  However, people don't give Nipsey goat status outside of his death.  Meaning, when he was here, we did not give him greatest of all time credit, or even put him in the conversation. 

With undeniable classics such as: The Marathon, Victory Lap, and Crenshaw, there is not a single body of work by him that does not have new age, unique and untouchable production.  Nipsey goes down as #5 for me simply because he has not been around that long.  In my opinion he is #2.  He will be continued to be respected and eventually will be given the props he deserves.

Number 4


best rappers of all time

Myself, I am a big Tupac fan, some people may get it twisted that I put him fourth. However after you see my overall structure, it will all come together.  We see him, well I wasn't born yet, release Ambitionz az a ridah, California Love, and you know the rest.  Tupac, set a stage for prolific, poetic gangster rap, that touched every genre and sect of music and culture.  He was a pioneer that paved the way for rap in general, but also artist like Nipsey, who have that higher thinking, conscious flow.

This really goes without saying, lifelong rap is seen in Tupac, there are great rappers that are irrelevant now, and I mean great, yes, you hear their big hits at the ball game or on the radio, but rarely relevant like Pac.

Number 3:

Notorious B.I.G. :

Biggie Best rapper of all time

It is widely debated over Tupac and Biggie, so I will not waste my little knowledge on hip hop in comparison to debate. Just know that, this generation must respect Big and Pac. They are quickly forgetting the greats.  

I put Big above Pac, because I believe if they would have lived longer, Bigger would have been bigger and better, as far as the game goes, record labels and all.  Biggie had more star power than Pac, but Pac had more talent.

Number 2:


I'm going to stop simply talking about these rapper's individual songs, because it is pointless to go back and forth with greats about songs.  The library of their hits is too deep to discuss, and in the end we will end up going back and forth.

Eminem crossed a barrier much like myself as a black man, have seen black men and women do before. The thing that is different is that most arts of black roots are stolen or appropriated, such as rock and roll.  Eminem did not steal rap but merely gave his spin on it, and at that he was the best.

Number 1:

Snoop Dogg:

Snoop Dogg is undeniably the most notorious and influential rap icon and personality on the planet.  He crosses every threshold of entertainment, and is known in every class of citizens across the globe.  Anywhere in the world you go, they will know Snoop Dogg, that only goes for a few celebrities, let alone rappers.  

Snoop Dogg is in the A list league above A lists.  Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Jack Nicholson, he is in that era of celebrities where he is instantly recognizable at all ages.

My favorite thing about snoop dogg outside of his music is his realness that appears in his talk show, he displays to be a very down to earth unchanged person.


However this is just our list...


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