Best Interview Platform - Vlad TV

Best Interview Platform - Vlad TV

Best Interview Platforms

In everyday life, one of my favorite ways to gather information is through Vladtv. 

sources: "Charleston White: 200 People Told Me Not to Interview With VladTV (Part 19)" 

For most, Vlad Tv is familiar to you already, but if you are not, this platform serves to not only interview, but give a voice to everyday high performers.

In other words, Vladtv captures the market of "celebrity" and high succeeders that you may not see on everyday tv.

Sourced: Michael Dowd on Being NY's Dirtiest Cop, Working for Drug Dealers, Going to Prison (Full Interview) : VLAD TV Youtube Channel -

Not to say these guests do not have a incredible notoriety, but also all are monetarily good business folk. 

He gives voice to entertainers, bankes, finance coaches, former drug kingpins, internet scammers, actors, actresses, and the list is also growing.

Sourced: Detroit Kingpin Johnny Curry on Making $200M, White Boy Rick Snitching, Did 14 Years(Full Interview): Vlad TV Youtube Channel -

It brings a sense of easy listening, the interview vlad, never shows himself on the interview, and always offers a great question to give to a conversation you can listen to for hours.

For those of you who work long hours, and those who need to kill time, give this youtube channel a listen!

Here's  a few of my favorite recent interviews...

 Sources: Gianni Russo Got Kidnapped by Pablo Escobar After Killing His Associate (Part 11) - VladTV Youtube Channel:

Sourced: Michael Franzese on Quitting the Mafia, His Own Father Putting a Hit on Him (Part 11): VladTv Youtube Channel -


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