Artist Spotlight: Chase Washington

Artist Spotlight: Chase Washington

A short interview with: Cha!

In the summer of 2020, one of my buddys from high school, who lives out on the west coast now, was in town.  After seeing some of the work that he was getting into the past few years, I found it necessary to reach out to him, as I was starting this Billfiti venture just then....

We kicked it and I showed him the bat collection that I was planning.  Immediately he was on board, and we had two custom designs curated by his brand!  These bats were dope!

Selling custom bats is not a sell thru market necessarily, but it is a lucrative market for the collectors, reslaers, decor fiends and sneaker heads...

Let's take a look at these bats before we get into our interview with the artist...










Bats are Fresh!

Nothing Like this is being done right now!

And we will only continue to keep working...


Lets learn a little bit about the artist...Chase Washington.

Chase Washington Artist our of Las Vegas
















We asked chase a few questions, just so that our customers may get to know his personality a little bit better...

Who is your biggest art inspiration?

Chase: "My art inspiration would have to be everyday life, but a person that inspires me would have to be Kanye West..."

What are your biggest art goals?

Chase: "My biggest art goals are to bring my art to every platform whether it be tv, internet, apparel, and or animation."

What brands are you currently working with?

Chase: "Right now I work with GodMadeGlobal but I have multiple teams; i'm apart of an overall collective in Las Vegas called @cntrlcollevtive, we doing a lot of activities for the culture there. We got comedy shows, talent shows, and half pipe for skaters..  A bunch of walls already tagged for spray paint artists.  Cntrl Collective will be the first actual store you can buy godmade global in store.  That should launch there in like 2-4 weeks.  If all want to come to 1117 Commerce Las Vegas NV."


We will be showcasing more products from Cha, and will be having more interviews and content coming your way here soon!